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Smoke detectors are an essential component of any safe household. If you are looking to install smoke detectors in your home, trust the experts at Mathieu Electric Company. Our family owned and operated company has over 75 years of experience offering a variety of electrical services for homes and businesses throughout the area.

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Comprehensive Smoke Detector Solutions for Your Home

A functioning smoke detector can be the difference between a minor kitchen fire that results in little more than burnt food and an inferno that consumes your home and threatens your loved ones. If you have not already installed smoke detectors in your home, it is critical that you speak to one of our technicians about putting a system in place immediately. 

Why Install Smoke Detectors?

In the event of a fire, smoke detectors are designed to sense the smoke from flames and alert the authorities so that they can respond and extinguish the fire before it has a chance to become catastrophic. Not only that, but smoke detectors can significantly reduce the possibility of death by carbon monoxide poisoning, which is often caused by smoke from fires that goes undetected.

There are several reasons to install smoke detectors in your home, including:

  • Protecting your family against fire
  • Reducing the risk of death by fire
  • Reducing the risk of injury or death due to fire
  • Reducing property damage due to fire
  • Ensuring a faster response from the fire department

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, smoke detectors reduce the risk of death from fire by 25% and reduce the risk of non-fire related deaths due to smoke, such as from carbon monoxide poisoning, by up to 50%.

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Smoke Detector Installation Services

At Mathieu Electric Company, we install a wide variety of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, including:

  • Smoke detectors for homes and commercial buildings
  • Battery-operated smoke detectors
  • Hard-wired smoke detectors
  • Digital smoke detectors

Our team of electricians can also replace old smoke detectors that are old or no longer functioning correctly, and we can even help you determine the best type of smoke detector for your home based on your family’s needs and your current electrical system.

Contact us today for more information about our smoke detector installation services in Corpus Christi!

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