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Electrical Repair in Corpus Christi

Diagnosing Electrical Problems in Kingsville, Portland, & Surrounding Areas

Electrical issues in your home or business can be more than an inconvenience; they can also be potentially dangerous. If not addressed quickly and correctly, electrical problems can lead to fires, shock hazards, and other serious safety risks. That is why it is important to have a reliable electrician who has the experience and qualifications to diagnose the problem accurately and provide you with a safe solution. 

At Mathieu Electric Company, we understand the importance of having quality electrical service. We have been providing electrical repair services for over 75 years in Corpus Christi and surrounding communities. Our team consists of highly qualified electricians who are committed to safety and workmanship excellence when servicing homes or businesses in our community.

If you need electrical repair services in Kingsville, Portland, or any other nearby area, call Mathieu Electric Company today at (361) 240-8571. Our friendly staff will be happy to provide a free estimate. You can also fill out our online form for more information about our services and pricing. Let us help keep your property safe - contact us today!

Identifying Electrical Repair Emergencies

At Mathieu Electric Company, we understand that electrical emergencies can be serious and require immediate attention. That’s why our team takes these situations seriously and mobilizes quickly to ensure your safety. But what qualifies as an emergency? 

Here are some of the most common types of electrical repair emergencies: 

  • Short circuits or sparking outlets – This could be a sign of an overloaded electrical system, which can lead to dangerous fires. 
  • Power outages due to storms or other causes – Losing power due to storms or another cause can result in a disruption of services and potentially hazardous consequences.
  • Smoke coming from outlets or switches – Smoke is never a good sign, especially when it comes to electrical systems. It indicates that something has gone wrong and the circuit may need repair before further damage occurs. 
  • Burning smells near any wiring system – A burning smell near your wiring system should be taken seriously as this could indicate a short circuit, faulty wiring, or overheating components. 
  • Flickering lights or blown fusesFlickering lights are usually not just an annoyance but also an indication of trouble in the electrical system; blown fuses often require more than replacing them with new ones and require professional attention. 
  • Exposed wires in walls, ceilings, etc. - Exposed wires pose both safety hazards as well as potential fire risks; they should always be handled by qualified personnel who know how to protect themselves while ensuring quality repairs on all exposed parts of your home’s electric infrastructure. 

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Most Common Electrical Repair Problems

Your home’s electrical system is an essential part of your everyday life. From powering appliances to lighting up rooms, it’s crucial for making our lives easier and more comfortable. But sooner or later, problems can pop up that require the attention of a professional electrician. 

To help you stay ahead of any potential issues, here are some of the most common electrical repair problems: 

  • Overloaded circuits – When too many devices are connected to one circuit, it can cause a breaker to trip or even lead to an electrical fire. 
  • Loose connections – Worn wires in outlets and switches can create loose connections which increase the risk of shock or fire hazards. 
  • Faulty outlets – If you notice sparks when plugging something in or if there’s a burning smell coming from an outlet, this could be due to faulty wiring that needs replacing. 
  • Poorly grounded wiring – This type of wiring increases your risk for shocks and other safety hazards so proper grounding should be addressed immediately by a qualified electrician. 
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