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Your electrical system is equipped with an important component known as a breaker panel. This panel is responsible for dividing the power coming in from the grid to all the different circuits in your home, providing a safe way to supply power to all the appliances and devices that need it. When something goes wrong with your breaker panel, it must be repaired quickly and correctly. 

If your breaker is malfunctioning, call Mathieu Electric Company at (361) 240-8571 for reliable circuit breaker repair in Corpus Christi. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured to provide fast and accurate repairs.

When to Seek Out Circuit Breaker Repair

The electrical services you receive from Mathieu Electric Company are only carried out after a thorough inspection of your electrical system. During this inspection, we will analyze your breaker panel to determine if anything is wrong and offer the correct repair services.

Your breaker panel may need repairs if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Loose or damaged breakers
  • Breakers that won’t fit in the slots
  • Rust or other signs of damage to the panel
  • Tripping of multiple breakers when one appliance is used
  • The need to reset the circuit breakers frequently

If you have any of these warning signs, it is best to seek out our professional services so that we can determine the cause of the problem and provide a reliable repair.

Why Choose Mathieu Electric Company?

Because breaker panels play an important role in supplying power to your home, it is important to seek professional repairs if something goes wrong. An inexperienced or untrained technician could cause even more damage, posing a risk to your home and your family’s safety. When you call Mathieu Electric for breaker panel repairs, we will send an experienced and fully licensed technician to your home to make the repairs you need.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is it important to hire a professional for circuit breaker repairs in my home?

Hiring a professional for circuit breaker repairs is crucial because the breaker panel is integral to your home's electrical system. An inexperienced technician could inadvertently cause more damage, which poses a risk to your property and family's safety. Professionals have the necessary training and licensing to perform repairs safely and effectively, ensuring your system operates correctly.

Can you service areas outside of Corpus Christi for circuit breaker issues?

Yes, Mathieu Electric Company services areas beyond Corpus Christi for circuit breaker issues, including Kingsville, Portland, and other surrounding locations. Our team is equipped to provide the same level of professional and reliable repair services in these areas, ensuring that your electrical system is functioning safely and efficiently no matter where you are located within our service range.

Why Choose Mathieu Electric Company?

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Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement

While breaker panel repairs are often necessary, in some cases, the best option is to replace the panel. If your home is older and was built before the year 2000, chances are that your home has a main electrical panel that only has up to 60 amps. These panels can be very dangerous and must be upgraded to protect your home and your family from hazardous electrical current overloads. If you have a 60-amp panel, you need to immediately call an electrician for circuit breaker panel replacement, as this situation is very dangerous.

The panels usually have up to 200 amps in newer homes and are much safer. However, even these panels must be replaced if they are over 20 years old. 

Contact Mathieu Electric Company at (361) 240-8571 for professional Corpus Christi circuit breaker repair and replacement services. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, offering complete assurance for your electrical needs.

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